CSD’s UltraAMPS System

There is no cost to put UltraAMPS to work for you today. UltraAMPS is your complete Internet solution, offering the most competitive pricing and direct access to Fannie Mae's MORNETPlus Network.

UltraAMPS is a complete Internet-enabled mortgage reporting solution. UltraAMPS' browser-based environment allows you perform all the functions required to service your customers from any Internet-enabled PC. From your browser, you can:

  • Prepare Tradeline Updates, RMCRs, Verifications and Supplements
  • Setup and maintain customer information.
  • View management and billing reports.
  • Perform customer service and support
  • And much more!

Please read on to learn what our Affiliates already know; UltraAMPS can help you provide superior service while improving your bottom line.


No-Cost Startup.

CSD’s UltraAMPS System is fully Internet-based. There is nothing to buy, no startup costs, or monthly minimums.

UltraAMPS can be used from any PC with access to the Internet, so there is no additional hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. And since there's no complicated installation or commitment required, you can begin using UltraAMPS right away.


Lowest Cost to Operate.

UltraAMPS has low transaction fees and provides aggressive discount schedules. Since there are no monthly minimums, you only pay for reports you deliver.

Because your staff accesses UltraAMPS using the familiar web browser, training time is minimized. UltraAMPS includes extensive online help right in the browser, ensuring that answers to commonly asked questions are never more that a click away.

Since UltraAMPS requires only a PC with Internet access, you can extend the benefits of UltraAMPS to your entire operation. From remote and branch offices, alternate processing centers, and work-at-home operators, UltraAMPS is wherever you need it to be. And since all of your staff access the same system regardless of their location, management and activity reports provide a consistent view of your entire operation.

Direct Fannie Mae Provider.

CSD in partnership with the National Credit Reporting Association (NCRA) offers the lowest cost Fannie Mae access in the industry.

UltraAMPS is your Complete Fannie Mae Solution
Fannie Mae is the nation's largest source of home mortgage funds, and offering your customers access to Fannie Mae has become an essential part of the mortgage reporting business. In November, 1998, Fannie Mae selected Credit Systems Design and the National Credit Reporting Association (NCRA), to market access to Fannie Mae's MORNETPlus Network. Combined with the power and simplicity of UltraAMPS, you can offer your customers a complete package of services at a very low price.

Low-cost, Direct Fannie Mae Access
Is your current system directly connected to Fannie Mae? Many system providers offer Fannie Mae access through a third party, requiring additional transaction fees and service contracts. Because CSD is a directly-connected Fannie Mae provider, we can offer a simple, low-cost access program free from third-party transaction fees. With CSD's program, you can offer your clients the same simple and consistent Fannie Mae access as the major national mortgage reporting companies, while keeping your cost as low as possible.

Volume Discounts
CSD offers aggressive volume discounts on our already low Fannie Mae transaction fees. These discounts lower your cost even further, allowing you to compete for the business of large-volume customers.

UltraAMPS Features
In addition to simple, low-cost Fannie Mae access, your clients will enjoy all of the features of the UltraAMPS system. From dial-up and web-based delivery services, approximately 60 industry interfaces, and integrated support for flood zone determination and automated property valuations, UltraAMPS does it all. In addition, with 24/7 availability, you can rest easy knowing that your customers have access to your services around the clock.

Don't Settle for Less
There is no longer any need to compromise. Your clients may take full advantage of the features and connectivity offered by UltraAMPS, and still maintain direct access to Fannie Mae. Reports access via AMPSLink, AMPS QuickLink, or any supported LOS Interface may be re-issued through Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter system.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding our Fannie Mae Affiliation Program


Advanced 24/7 Data Center.

CSD operates its own advanced 24-7 Data Center, staffed by a skilled customer-service oriented staff. Our No-Cost (no-voicemail) customer service is unsurpassed in the industry.

Unlike many service providers, Credit Systems Design maintains its own state-of-the-art data center in our Connecticut facility. CSD's data center was designed to provide superior performance and reliability. Our data center features include:

  • High-speed, redundant and load-balanced connections to multiple Internet service providers
  • Direct, high-speed repository connections
  • Utility power backed by an onsite diesel generator to protect against disruptions due to power failures.
  • Redundant telecom infrastructure
  • Advanced fiber optic network for wide-area communications
  • Redundant, load-balanced server environment
  • Multiple levels of physical security
  • TruSecure SiteSecure Certification
  • 24x7 System Availability

With these features, Credit Systems Design's data center provides a reliable and secure environment for your client's data.

High tech, low cost
By utilizing CSD's data center, UltraAMPS frees you from worrying about the technical issues and expenses typically associated with operating a credit reporting agency. Any UltraAMPS user will enjoy all of the benefits of having their own data center for only a low transactional cost on actual units processed. There is:

  • No additional in-house hardware to install or maintain
  • No expensive leased-lines for repository access
  • No modem banks for customer access or report delivery
  • No in-house technical staff required

CSD's UltraAMPS system frees you to focus on your business, while we provide as much or as little data center resources necessary to handle your monthly volume. Since our pricing is transactional-based, you have a fixed cost per unit (before volume discounts) regardless of volume fluctuations within the market.

No-Cost Startup

Lowest Cost to Operate

Direct Fannie Mae Provider

Advanced 24/7 Data Center