CreditXpert Version 6.0 Now Available;
February 28, 2005

CSD is pleased to announce the support of CreditXpert’s latest release, Version 6.0. This Version was released by CreditXpert on February 2, 2005, and contains all of their latest products and features.

CreditXpert pioneered credit content for the disclosure of credit scores, providing the first personalized credit scores and analysis for financial institutions to offer consumers. For additional information on CreditXpert, please visit their web site at

If you are interested in adding this product to your AMPSLink products offerings, please contact us to put CreditXpert to work for your company.

Expanded Interface Support;
February 28, 2005

UltraAMPS is already an industry leader when it comes to the support of Interface connectivity, but we haven’t stopped there. CSD is pleased to announce the support of the following additional Interfaces to both the industry’s Wholesale Lenders, and Loan Origination System (LOS) Providers.

The recently added Loan Origination System (LOS) Interfaces to UltraAMPS include:

  • Bank of Internet
  • enetloan Loan Placer
  • IndustryAccess
  • XL Dynamics Mortgagesoft Online
  • Dynatek-Web Plug-in

The following Secondary Underwriting Interfaces have been added to UltraAMPS:

  • SouthStar Funding
  • eMagic
  • Flagstar

For a complete list of UltraAMPS Supported Interfaces, please visit our web site at or contact our Interface Coordinator, Anthony Battista, at for additional information.

CSD Employees Come Together for Tsunami Relief Fund;
January 25, 2005

CSD is proud of the compassion of our employees in their commitment to raise $1,650 for the American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Effort. That amount was matched by our company for a total donation on January 24, 2005 of $3,300.

Freddie Mac Update for UltraAMPS;
January 31, 2005

CSD recently signed an Agreement with TransChicago for access to their Freddie Mac Interface for the benefit of all of our UltraAMPS users. The development of this Interface is proceeding without issue, and has an expected availability in the first quarter 2005.

The new UltraAMPS interface to TransChicago will allow the re-issuing of merged reports processed for Fannie Mae under the NCRA/CSD Fannie Mae Affiliation Program to be re-issued to Freddie Mac via the TransChicago Interface. This new architecture will provide all UltraAMPS Users with the additional feature of Freddie Mac access without any change to their current Fannie Mae connection.

We are also pleased to announce that there will be no re-issue transaction fee charged by CSD for files re-issued to Freddie Mac over this Interface.

Please watch for future AMPSNews Updates regarding the availability of this exciting new Interface, or feel free to contact our Interface Coordinator, Anthony Battista, at for additional information .

Status Update on New AMPSLink;
January 31, 2005

We are happy to report that our users have been returning enthusiastic reviews of our new AMPSLink system.

Our new AMPSLink also supports a Private-Label Option for those users wishing to offer the power of AMPSLink under their own identity. If you are interested in proceeding with a private-label version of AMPSLink, please contact us today to receive your AMPSLink Private-Label Guide. This document will provide all of the information necessary for putting the power of AMPSLink to work for you under your own company identity.

Our new AMPSLink provides many feature upgrades for the benefit of our system users. Some of the latest upgrades include:

  • News. Now you can use AMPSLink to keep your customers up to date on what’s new with your company.  Compose your own News Item, and it will be displayed to each end-user as they log in.
  • Custom Management Reports. Each end-user will have the ability to create and run custom reports to meet their requirements.
  • On-Line Billing Detail. Eliminate the time and expense of printing out billing details to include with your monthly invoices.  Your end-users may now access this data on-line via AMPSLink.
  • Auto-Print Feature. AMPSLink has offered a batch print feature for sometime. Now we also offer an option (by end-user) to automatically print the completed report without any additional steps being required.
  • A New Report Format. The new report format is clear, concise, and is offered in both HTML and PDF formats. The PDF version accommodates page-accurate printing, while the HTML version allows the user to order Updates simply by clicking on the liability.
  • Private-Labeling Option. AMPSLink now has an option feature that allows you to “private-label” the AMPSLink web site. Now you can have the power of AMPSLink while promoting your own company identity.
  • Bi-Lingual User Interface. AMPSLink now supports a Spanish version of the AMPSLink user interface.

If you have yet to have the opportunity to view our new AMPSLink product, please contact Stephanie Marazzi at for a web-based demonstration at your convenience.

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