AMPSLink Add-on Services Can Improve Your Bottom Line;
January 31, 2005

Are you taking advantage of all that AMPSLink has to offer?

In addition to the new CreditXpert Interface listed above, there are many other Add-on Services available through AMPSLink with still more on the way. These Add-on Products and Services allow our Affiliates to bundle and streamline the ordering process for additional items used by their customers every day.

Your end-users can enjoy the convenience of ordering their choice of Flood Determinations, and/or Automated Valuation Models (AVM) without leaving the AMPSLink site or the re-entering of any additional data. The end-user may simply click on the desired service add-on without any further effort. The bundling of these products only makes sense as a measure of convenience for your customers, and as additional sources of income for our UltraAMPS users.

For more information on both our current and pending Add-on Services or for more information on making AMPSLink work harder for you, please feel free to contact Stephanie Marazzi at

UltraAMPS Continues to Increase its Support of Industry Wholesale Lenders;
November 30, 2004

We are pleased to announce our addition of the following wholesale lenders to our list of supported Interfaces:

  • USDA Rural Development Online (USDA/GUS); and
  • iDASL

USDA/GUS Rural Development Online. Rural Development’s Rural Housing Service’s Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) is an automated underwriting decision system for submitting and processing Rural Housing Services Guaranteed Loans.  GUS allows lenders to submit applications to the Agency electronically after submitting the application to the underwriting decision engine to get an underwriting recommendation.

For more information on USDA/GUS, please contact our Interface Coordinator, Anthony Battista, at or visit their web site at

iDASL. Impac Direct Access System for Lending (iDASL) is an automated underwriting system providing new or “re-pulled” credit reports to brokers for submission through Impac Lending Group.

For more information on USDA/GUS, please contact our Interface Coordinator, Anthony Battista, at or visit their web site at

CreditXpert Now Available on New AMPSLink;
November 19, 2004

CSD is pleased to announce the addition of CreditXpert Essentials™ to AMPSLink. We have recently completed our beta testing of this additional service add-on to AMPSLink, and several users have already proceeded to activate this service.

CreditXpert pioneered credit content for the disclosure of credit scores, providing the first personalized credit scores and analysis for financial institutions to offer consumers. For additional information on CreditXpert, please visit their web site at

Presently, CSD has initiated a phase-2 implementation with CreditXpert to support their What-If Simulator™. The development for this product is proceeding, and we will keep you informed of its pending availability.

If you are interested in adding this product to your AMPSLink products offerings, please contact us to put CreditXpert to work for your company.

CSD Signs Agreement for Freddie Mac;
November 4, 2004

CSD is proud to announce that we have signed an Agreement with TransChicago for access to their Freddie Mac Interface for the benefit of all of our UltraAMPS users.

TransChicago and CSD have been working together for the past several months to create a method to provide Freddie Mac access to all UltraAMPS users, while allowing the Affiliate’s continued use our existing NCRA/CSD Fannie Mae Interface Program for their Fannie Mae report production. We are happy to report that through the joint efforts of TransChicago and CSD we are now able to accomplish this goal.

The new UltraAMPS interface to TransChicago will allow the re-issuing of merged reports for either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac across either system. This new architecture will provide all UltraAMPS Users with the additional feature of Freddie Mac access without any change to their current Fannie Mae connection.

We are very pleased with this new affiliation with TransChicago, and look forward to working with them for the mutual benefit of our Affiliates. This Interface is an exciting addition to our UltraAMPS System that also opens up the possibility of additional Interface connections with TransChicago in the future.

Please watch for future AMPSNews Updates regarding the availability of this exciting new Interface, or feel free to contact our Interface Coordinator, Anthony Battista, at for additional information .

Status Update on New AMPSLink;
September 13, 2004

CSD is proceeding toward the release of our new, Internet order and delivery system. We are currently working on completing our beta testing, which has been taking place without issue, and are proceeding toward the availability of a general release to all UltraAMPS Users.

Once released, our new AMPSLink will provide many feature upgrades to all our system users. Some of those upgrades include:

A New Report Format. The new report format is clear, concise, and is offered in both HTML and PDF formats. The PDF version accommodates page-accurate printing, while the HTML version allows the user to order Updates simply by clicking on the liability.

Private-Labeling Option. AMPSLink now has an option feature that allows you to “private-label” the AMPSLink web site. Now you can have the power of AMPSLink while promoting your own company identity.

Re-designed User Interface. AMPSLink was re-designed to reduce the number of steps required to order and view products. Now using AMPSLink is even easier.

LOS (Loan Origination System) Interfaces. Consistent with our goal to simplify the use of AMPSLink, we have also reduced the number of steps required for LOS access while maintaining system flexibility.

Bi-Lingual User Interface. AMPSLink now supports a Spanish version of the AMPSLink user interface. CSD is also evaluating the support of additional languages as a possible future enhancement.

Administrative Functions. CSD Affiliates now have the ability to easily setup their own customers in both UltraAMPS and AMPSLink.

Please watch for future AMPSNews Updates regarding the availability of our new AMPSLink, or feel free to contact Stephanie Marazzi at for additional information or to schedule an on-line demonstration at your convenience.

UltraAMPS Adds Three More LOS Interfaces;
August 13, 2004

CSD is pleased to announce that we have completed our development to the following new loan origination systems (LOS):

  • Mortgage Builder
  • Delphi Discovery Software; and
  • FNIS Empower; XML Version

CSD is already an industry leader in the development and support of interfaces to LOS system providers, and we are pleased to announce the availability of these newest Interface connections. To view a complete list of our currently supported LOS Interfaces at any time, visit our web site at

CreditXpert Version 6.0 Now Available

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